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One of our specialities is Lead Free Nickel Bronze.

At Hutchinsons Bros, we love a challenge and casting Lead Free Nickel Bronze provides a good one! There are very few foundries that are willing to work with Nickel Bronze as it is so difficult to cast. However over the past 30 years we have developed some outstanding methodology so that we can offer sound casting, with no porosity, of both 18% Lead Free Nickel Bronze and Leaded Nickel Bronze.

In terms of resistance to corrosion, Nickel Bronze is almost as effective as stainless steel. It also has the added bonuses of being much easier to machine and unlike stainless steel, is a great bearing material which will offer no galling problems which are sometimes associated with stainless steel and other extruded metals.

Here at Hutchinson Bros we use our expert knowledge and wealth of practical experience to work with a range of different non ferrous metals.

The most popular castings are Aluminium and Gunmetal, but we also cast in a wide variety of other materials including,

  • Nickel Bronze

  • Aluminium Bronze

  • Admiralty Bronze

  • Manganese Bronze

  • Copper

  • Zinc

  • Lead

  • Brass
and many more

We predominately use Greensand and Hard Sand moulding. The size, quantity and definition needed for the casting will largely dictate which method of moulding we use.

       Assortment of Impella castings

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