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Below is an example of how we work with our customers at Hutchinson Bros:

Ernie Winter first approached Hutchinson Bros in 1976 after purchasing Bolton scale models. The majority of his patterns back then were loose and over the years we have worked with him to mount these patterns on plates and create new ones. This has not only increased production but has made it much cheaper. We have also assisted Ernie with layouts and core boxes and even today we still produce the odd loose pattern for him.

Some examples of his work can been seen in the gallery

Hutchinson Bros provide a variety of excellent customer services. From the initial consultation to delivery of the casting, we offer a complete solution from start to finish to ensure we meet the casting requirements you need.

The longevity of the company means we have a good range of pattern makers and machinists and other foundry partners that will allow your product to go from start to finish without complication.

In many cases, to avoid the cost of patterns we can often reproduce items from the original part whether it is a car part or other mechanical part. This is a great method to use if a low quantity of castings are required and especially useful for keeping the costs down.

We assess each job individually and advise on the best and the most cost-effective solution to meet the long term requirements.

We offer free delivery to the Sydney Metro area and surroundings, and can advise on interstate and international shipping and arrange for this, if desired.

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    LG2 being poured into a mould

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